December 16, 2017

College Scholarships for Adopted Children

adopted children scholarshipsWhen most parents a child their focus is on giving that child a good life and not on worrying about paying for college tuition.

Of course there are some parents who save money or set up a payment plan to pay for their childrens’ college education but there are also many parents who are not financially able to pay for college tuition and will need some assistance. Fortunately, there are a number of resources available to adopted children that will help with paying for college. Usually, the state provides monetary resources to adopted children to pay for tuition and living expenses and there are also grants and college scholarships for adopted children.

Many states like Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Maine and Virginia have scholarships available to adopted children that went through their state foster care system. In addition, Arizona offers a scholarship called the Armstrong family foundation scholarship that is available to anyone who is an orphan, a ward of the state, in foster care or a qualified independent student. The requirements for the scholarship are that the applicant has a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3 and demonstrates financial need. Also, the candidate is required to do 40 hours of approved community service each academic year and must be an incoming freshman and attending Arizona State University.

The first point of contact for college scholarships for adopted children is the office of your state adoption specialist. This office will be available to inform parents and children about the resources available in their state to help pay for college. For example, The Gordon Evans Scholarship is awarded annually to foster children or adoptive children enrolled in an accredited post secondary institution where the candidate’s family is a member of the National Foster Parent Association.

There are different scholarships, grants and waivers available in each state for adopted children and parents can contact their local adoption office or the department of family and children services for help with finding available resources. The resources are there to provide college scholarships for adopted children but it is a matter of taking action to find out what is available in your state.