December 16, 2017

Opportunities To Earn Extra Money In College

Opportunities Await While Attending College

While we provide some tips for using the Internet to earn extra cash in college elsewhere, here we look at some ideas for earning some extra money.

Tip 1. Work as a departmental assistant. In some colleges you will find that departments hire undergraduates for a variety of departmental jobs.

Tip 2. Work as a tutor. If you are particularly good at a particular subject then you can offer your services as a tutor.

Tip 3. Work as a painter and decorator or landscaper. Here you should not of course simply limit yourself to painting and decorating or landscaping, but there are a whole variety of similar jobs which you can do in your spare time ranging from jobs that will take just a couple of days to those that could take up an entire day or a weekend.

Tip 4. Sell computers. Does this sound like a crazy idea? Well, you will certainly have heard of Dell computers but did you know that Michael Dell starting out by building computers in college and selling them to fellow students. Of course you do not have to go this far but you could offer services such as computer upgrades or software installation to other students. Or how about offering training in particular software packages?

Tip 5. Work part-time in the college library. Many college libraries hire undergraduates as junior librarians or as book collectors and stackers.

You will probably have noticed that these tips do not include flipping hamburgers in a local fast food outlet or similar jobs. These are of course a old favorite and can certainly be considered but they should be at the bottom of your list and not at the top of the list. There are many much better ways to make money nowadays, especially for an undergraduate who undoubtedly has a number of far better skills which can be tapped into.

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