December 16, 2017

Safely Finding Student Loans Without Cosigner Assistance

student loan without cosignerThough it’s a difficult proposition that will take some dedication, finding student loans without cosigner assistance is possible, even in the today’s tough economic times.  The most important thing you can have when you go on the search for no-cosigner student loans is a high credit score.   Even if you don’t have that, it’s still possible to find ‘bad credit’ student loans — though you’ll have to work your butt off if you need bad credit student loans without cosigner help.  Have faith, however, because it can be done: private college financing institutions are willing to negotiate with people in surprising circumstances given the recent recession.

In order to secure yourself a functional set of student loans without cosigner aid, the first thing you’ll have to do is search around a bit and find some private institutions that are willing to give out no-cosigner student loans, and if necessary no-cosigner student loans for bad credit individuals.  Of course, in the Information Age, the best place to look is online — though there is something to look out for in that sphere.  There are a lot of sites that will offer you an instant response on your student loans’ application, but those sites also tend to ignore mitigating circumstances and judge you purely on the numbers.

Ideally, then, you need to find a site devoted to college financing that is willing and able to have someone call you and talk to you about your specific circumstances.  Of course, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you’re working with a legal and reputable site before you turn over any personal information, so it’s probably best to call them first.  Generally the sites that offer ‘risky’ loans like student loans without cosigner presence tend to have real people pretty easily accessible on the other end of the line, so don’t hesitate — just call and verify quickly that the site is legit, and then fill out their forms.

Generally speaking, said forms will require you to provide your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, the total amount of student loans you’re seeking, and if you have it, the account number where your college funds need to be deposited.  Obviously, while all of this information is needed to access the financial records the institution will need in order to authorize any student loans without cosigner authorization, it’s also exactly what a identity thief might want to mess with you.  Thus, the precaution of the phone call.

Once you’ve finished the application, you’ll receive word back from the lender (often in the form of a phone call) within a short time.  Keeping in mind that most such loans run to a maximum of about $15,000, you might not be done yet — sometimes it takes several such student loans in order to make up a couple of years’ worth of tuition.  Each loan makes the next one harder to get, but if you’re persistent and you’re willing to take some hits on your interest rate and repayment terms, you’ll eventually find enough student loans without cosigner requirements that you’ll get into school — just keep looking!

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