December 16, 2017

Saving Money On Food And Grocery Shopping

TheStudentLoansCenter.comFood can be a major expense for any college student but with a little bit of thought you can cut your food bill substantially and still eat very well. Here are a few tips to get the thought process working.

Tip 1. Get into the habit of taking a bag lunch. College food courts are a convenient place to eat lunch but they are also extremely expensive if you use them on a regular basis, so try to get into the habit of packing yourself a lunch whenever you can.

Tip 2. Skip the coffee and soft drinks machines. Coffee and soft drinks are expensive when purchased in a cafeteria or from a vending machine and so you should give these a miss. One excellent alternative is to make your coffee at home and then pop a thermos into your school bag.

Tip 3. Plan your meals. You will find that if you plan your meals in advance and make shopping lists you will not end up buying things which you do not need and will waste a lot less food.

Tip 4. Share meals. If you have one or two willing friends then you can share the shopping and cooking and will find that you can save quite a bit of money by doing so, rather than simply cooking for one.

Tip 5. Shop in bulk. There are many occasions on which you can buy food items in bulk and this will often produce quite a saving. Also look out for offers such as ‘buy 2 get 1 free’.

Tip 6. Buy generic rather than branded foods. You will find that more often than not when you buy a branded item you are paying through the nose simply for the brand name. Most ‘own brand’ grocery items are just as good and, in the vast majority of cases, you won’t even notice the difference.

Tip 7. Reduce the amount of meat your are eating. Meat is generally the most expensive item on your shopping list and you can make a considerably saving by reducing the amount of meat which you eat and, at the same, by considering cheaper cuts when you do buy meat.

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